October 4th- cooking midterm practice

Have you ever cut so many carrots that your hands turned orange and your tears are orange and you dream in orange?  I've said it before and I'll say it again, knife cuts are my kryptonite.  The only thing that is ever going to help me is more practice.  I spent most of today just … Continue reading October 4th- cooking midterm practice

October 3rd- Baking Midterm (Heaven Help Us)

Prepare yourself for the mind bending sequel to "October 2nd- Midterm Practice", a wild ride full of internal screaming and  regret.  You are sure to finish reading this post with goosebumps.  Hold onto your loved ones as you dive deeper and deeper into the many failures I had today.  Introducing: Baking Midterm (a thriller) Let's … Continue reading October 3rd- Baking Midterm (Heaven Help Us)

October 2nd- Baking Midterm Prep

Okay guys it's midterms this week, so pray for me- like seriously.  If you even wanna burn some incense, sacrifice a goat, or chant to the blueberry muffin gods, I'd greatly appreciate it. Today we had the whole class period to practice our baking recipes for the midterm, so I decided to be smart (and … Continue reading October 2nd- Baking Midterm Prep

September 27th- Grilling and Risotto

Oh risotto.  More like ris-oh no.  We started today by making this rice dish, and I was a little too confident going into things.  To make risotto you have to coat short grain rice in fat and then slowly add liquid to it, waiting until it is completely absorbed before adding more.  The problem I … Continue reading September 27th- Grilling and Risotto

September 26th- pies

♥♥♥♥ILOVEPIESOMUCH♥♥♥♥ PIE!  PIE! PIE!  Lattice talk about pie.  Pie (if you couldn't tell from my word "art") is one of my favorite things to make.  In the culinary world today, so much of the things we do seem more like an art show than delicious food.  Sometimes these 3 Michelin star restaurants will even sell … Continue reading September 26th- pies

September 25th- Pie Dough

Cherries are red, Potatoes can be blue. Pie dough is flaky, But not Pate Choux. If only my pie skills were as honed as my poetry skills, am I right?  Or maybe I just need some practice with both!  Today we got to work on three different recipes: flaky pie dough, mealy pie dough, and … Continue reading September 25th- Pie Dough

September 21st- catering

I can't open every post on here with a food pun... can I?  Lettuce know what y'all think in the comments; you know I love hearing from everybun... I mean everyone (; Today we had a catering!  I love doing these because the classroom turns into a more realistic kitchen and everyone kinda puts their … Continue reading September 21st- catering

September 20th- Cuts and sauces

For those of you who don't know I work at a donut shop.  I get there everyday at 4 to cook and decorate.  It's a great job and I love it.  Today a gentleman came in and ordered 6 fritters.  I jokingly asked him if he was having a fritter party, to which he responded … Continue reading September 20th- Cuts and sauces

September 19th- Blueberry Muffins and Eclairs

Would choux like to hear about my eclairs today?  I'm sorry for the pun, but not enough to delete it. Today we made eclairs which comes from a dough called pate choux.  The most crucial step when making this is to know when though dough needs more eggs, or if it has had enough.  Most … Continue reading September 19th- Blueberry Muffins and Eclairs