Hello friends!  Welcome to my food blog/portfolio.  If you are here for the recipes, stories, and pictures please explore the food blog portion of this site, where be w recipes will be posted bi-weekly!  If you are my professor, or you’re interested in technique and the daily life a culinary student, feel free to peruse the portfolio!

Okay I’m sure you’re dying to know all about me (;

My name is McKenna Spencer.  I was born and raised in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  Ever since I was a child I knew I wanted to cook, but I was afraid people would associate my hobby with my weight and judge me for it.  I was so worried about getting laughed at that I hid my passion and my true self from everybody.  Guys.  Please don’t let the fear of other’s opinions get in the way of living your dreams.  I recently enrolled at Utah Valley University’s Culinary Arts Institute, and I have never been happier!  If I could give a little cliche but IMPORTANT piece of advice to everyone who comes across this corner of the web:

Live what you love, and ignore the haters!  Whether that has to do with food or not, I hope you never feel like you have to pretend to be someone you’re not.  You are so amazing and the world deserves to see that.


xoxo Kenna  IMG_0907.JPG