December 6th- catering prep

Today we had to do some prep work for a SOUP event.  I helped my friend prepare for the vegan dishes, which included marinating mushrooms and preparing a veggie broth.  The night went pretty smoothly, but I did learn how important it is to be careful when making food for specialty diets.  It is very easy to cross-contaminate so you have to be aware of what you’re doing and touching at all times.

December 5th- Cleaning the cooler

Today was great.  I got the opportunity to spend four hours in the cooler at school.  I scrubbed rust, mold, and food off the shelves and walls.  By the end I smelled like bleach and I think I’m still cold from it.  In all honesty it wasn’t that bad it was a good reminder that we need to clean during the year so that we don’t have o be overwhelmed cleaning at the end.

December 4th – Catering Prep

Today we had to do some catering prep.  My job was to help flatten and dip chocolate cookies in sprinkles.  It took us about four hours to do them all.  I was struck by how similar this assembly-line set up was to what I do at work every day.  The good thing about caterings is that we get a taste of what cooking is like in the real world.  A problem that we ran into is that we ran out of sprinkles, and someone had to run to the store to pick up more.  That’s why it is important to be prepared and order the correct amount of ingredients.