October 16th – Cookies

Today we learned how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie (or try to at least).  The thing that was hard about it was trying to be opened minded.  I’ve made CC cookies dozens of times.  However, baking at home versus at school is different, and I had to accept new techniques in order to succeed.  One of the problems I ran into was my cookies turned out super flat.  I think this might be because I didn’t put enough baking powder in them.  IMG_1910.JPG

We also made shortbread cookies, which kind of reminded me of biscuits, because it uses the same method.  I learned that you have to develop the gluten enough by mixing, or else they will spread too much during the baking process.  Another thing to remember is that if the dough isn’t rolled out evenly the cookies will bake at different times because they are not the same thickness.IMG_1911.JPG

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