October 11th- The Deep Fat Fry

What is it about deep fat frying that is such a novelty?  Is it the crunchy, fatty, greasy food that it produces?  Could it be that fact that you can deep fry almost any food and it will taste good?  Who knows?  Does anyone?

Today we made cordon bleu, chicken legs and drumsticks, onion rings, and potato croquettes.  I learned that with frying you have to make sure the oil is the right temperature.  If it is too cold then it will make the food soggy.  If it is too hot then it’ll leave the food under cooked on the inside and burnt on the outside.  The only problem I ran into today is forgetting to season anything.  That was a dumb move on my part.

And that fire is why you don’t mix water and hot oil!

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