October 3rd- Baking Midterm (Heaven Help Us)

Prepare yourself for the mind bending sequel to “October 2nd- Midterm Practice”, a wild ride full of internal screaming and  regret.  You are sure to finish reading this post with goosebumps.  Hold onto your loved ones as you dive deeper and deeper into the many failures I had today.  Introducing:

Baking Midterm (a thriller)

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

I ran into the kitchen.  We had 30 minutes to measure ingredients, and I’m able to have all four recipes scaled out by then (so far so good).  As soon as we get the green flag I threw my soft rolls into the mixer.  When they were done mixing I noticed my dough was a little smaller than everyone else’s, so I weighed it.

My 24 oz dough

It weighed 24 oz, and in my head I thought 24 oz = 24 rolls.  The problem was that they were supposed to be 2 OUNCE ROLLS!!  So I needed 48 oz of dough.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that for 2 more hours.  I had to throw in another recipe of dough, which lead to my rolls being under-proofed.  This could have been avoided if I had practiced the recipe yesterday (cue internal screaming).

You can see that the roll has a lot closer texture at the bottom.  That is due to under-proof.

Next I started on my Pate Choux.  The dough turned out well and I threw them in the oven.  About 2 minutes later it dawned on me that I forgot to put streusel on my elcairs!  (streusel is a thin sugar disk that promotes even baking).  So back to the mixer I went, to make another batch of that.  Luckily My second batch turned out well.


Some finished cream puffs

As my eclairs were in the oven I began the pastry cream.  I learned some cool things.  If your eggs are room temperature before you temper them, you’re less likely to have cooked egg pieces.  Another tip is if you count to ten before each addition of hot milk, you don’t have to worry about adding too much heat too soon.

The last recipe a banged out was the blueberry muffins.  Everything went well in the mixing process, but when I put them in the oven they didn’t dome.  I’m pretty sure it is because someone opened the oven while my muffins were in their and put their own muffins in.  It broke my heart a little.

My poor, poor muffins.

In the end I learned that I need to practice EVERY recipe before the midterm.

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