October 2nd- Baking Midterm Prep

Okay guys it’s midterms this week, so pray for me- like seriously.  If you even wanna burn some incense, sacrifice a goat, or chant to the blueberry muffin gods, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Today we had the whole class period to practice our baking recipes for the midterm, so I decided to be smart (and by smart I mean REALLY stupid) and only practice 2 of them.  I know you’re thinking, “why Kenna?! Why would you be so cocky? “

I.  Don’t.  Know.

You’ll see how much good this strategy did me in my next post.  *Stay tuned*.  For now, however, I’ll give the deets on what I did end up practicing.  For our midterm we had to make 2 dozen soft rolls, 1 dozen blueberry muffins, 6 eclairs, 6 cream puffs, and 1 quart of pastry cream.

Here is the grading rubric, so you can get a basic idea of what went down.

Today I practiced pastry cream and pate choux (the dough for the eclairs and cream puffs).  My pastry cream turned out well, it just had a little more cooked egg in it than I wanted.  I think that is because my milk was too hot before I poured it into the eggs.

My pate choux turned out good, I just need to remember to cook it a little longer so the inside is dry and won’t collapse.

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