September 28th- soups

Wassoup?  Today was all about soup.  I made corn chowder, mushroom cream, and white chicken chili.

With the corn chowder I was able to puree some of the corn I roasted to give the chowder extra yummy corn flavor.  One problem I ran into was I made way too much, and I think that is because I converted the recipe wrong.  To avoid this next time I need to be more careful when doing culinary math.  IMG_1651

The next thing I made was cream of mushroom soup.  The idea is to make a creamy soup that tastes a ton like mushrooms.  My mistake here was not reading the soup chapter of our textbook before attempting this no-recipe meal.  I tried to make a veloute and simmer mushroom trimmings in that to extract flavor, but once I added the cream it kind of disappeared.  I’m thinking I might need to add mushroom puree next time.  IMG_1652

Today I struggled because I was under prepared.  To avoid this I need to be better about doing my homework.

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