September 27th- Grilling and Risotto

Oh risotto.  More like ris-oh no.  We started today by making this rice dish, and I was a little too confident going into things.  To make risotto you have to coat short grain rice in fat and then slowly add liquid to it, waiting until it is completely absorbed before adding more.  The problem I ran into was that I had the heat way too high, so the liquid was evaporating as well as absorbing too fast.  By the end of the cooking time I had a thick brick of gooey rice on the end of my spoon, despite adding 2X’s more liquid than I needed.  To avoid this problem next time, I need to make sure I watch that the heat doesn’t get too high.

After my risotto fail, I started grilling.  We grilled chicken, pineapple, corn, and kebabs.  A critical control point with grilling is knowing when your meat is done cooking.  You don’t want to constantly take it off the grill, because it will mess with the grill marks.  The best way to check your meat is to watch for the juices to run clear, and to check the temperature.  Overall today went well.

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