September 26th- pies





Lattice talk about pie.  Pie (if you couldn’t tell from my word “art”) is one of my favorite things to make.  In the culinary world today, so much of the things we do seem more like an art show than delicious food.  Sometimes these 3 Michelin star restaurants will even sell flavored air as part of their dish, no joke.  At times it gets a little ridiculous, and it was nice to get back to something as classic as pie.  There is nothing more timeless and comforting than flaky crust and sweet fruit.

Today I made both a cherry and apple pie, using a different method for each.  The cherry pie used the frozen fruit method, which means you thicken juice from the thawed fruit.  The only problems I had were 1) I overfilled my pie, so when I baked it the juice oozed down the sides.  And 2) The strips on my lattice weren’t all the same width.  To avoid these issues next time I need to make sure I only fill cherries till they are level with the crust, and use a ruler when I cut the lattice strips.

The apple pie used the cooked fruit method, which means that you thicken the liquid that comes out when cooking the apples.  I didn’t run into any problems except my streusel was more like sand than the clumpy goodness that was expected.  I learned I needed to mix it until it came together as a ball then crumble it, rather than mix it until it was too fine.  I also learned that when shaping the edge of the crust you’re supposed to tuck it under itself before doing the wavy shape, which is why my crust was so ugly yesterday.

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