September 25th- Pie Dough

Cherries are red,

Potatoes can be blue.

Pie dough is flaky,

But not Pate Choux.

If only my pie skills were as honed as my poetry skills, am I right?  Or maybe I just need some practice with both!  Today we got to work on three different recipes: flaky pie dough, mealy pie dough, and tart dough.

Flaky pie dough has large chunks of butter in it to produce layers when it bakes, a similar concept to croissants.  With this recipe you cut the butter into the flour (which means to crumble cold butter into flour) until it is the size of peas.  Then you slowly add cold water, just until the dough starts to come together.  This is a critical control point because if you add too much water you will lose the flakiness, but if you don’t add enough your dough won’t roll out.  Another important step is making sure your dough is cold before you roll it out.  I refrigerated mine for an hour, but next time I will wait longer because it was still a little soft when rolling it out.

It isn’t the prettiest, but hopefully it’ll be flaky when I bake it!

The mealy pie crust is almost the same recipe as the flaky, except you want the dough to resemble cornmeal instead of pea sized lumps.  With mealy dough you can throw it in a mixer, but you have to watch it because if it gets over mixed it will form a dough before you can even add water!

The last recipe I worked on was my tart dough.  It reminded me of sugar cookie dough, but with a little less sugar and butter.  I may or may not have sneaked a couple pinches of it raw…. haha.  A critical control point with this crust is when you are putting it into a tart shell you have to make sure you press the dough into the bottom corners.  If you don’t, you’re tart will sink into the pan.  One thing I had trouble with is when I docked my tart dough (stabbed it with a fork to prevent bubbling), I didn’t pierce to the bottom of it, so it still rose up.  To avoid this next time I will check the bottom of my tarts before they go in the oven to make sure I docked them correctly.IMG_1489

Overall, today was a fun day and I’m super excited to start making pie filling tomorrow!

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