September 21st- catering

I can’t open every post on here with a food pun… can I?  Lettuce know what y’all think in the comments; you know I love hearing from everybun… I mean everyone (;

Today we had a catering!  I love doing these because the classroom turns into a more realistic kitchen and everyone kinda puts their heads down and gets it done.  I was assigned two tasks: frying leeks and plating.  To make the leeks we first had to julienne about 8 cups of the little nasties.  Then we battered them and threw them in the deep fryer.  The problem we ran into was forgetting to add liquid the leeks before coating them in starch (cornstarch in this case).  The basic idea with battering is that you need to moisten whatever you’re frying so the starch will stick to it.  Luckily we caught our mistake before we dropped them in oil, so all we had to do was splash some buttermilk on the leeks and reapply cornstarch.  One critical point when you’re deep frying is seasoning.  If you season food before you drop it, the oil will break down.  The best time to do it is when you’ve finished cooking, but the food is still hot enough that everything will stick too it.

The components of the meal we catered.  On the bottom left you can see the leeks I fried.

After the leeks were done we headed out to plate.  My job on the plating station was to put chicken breast on a bed of rice pilaf.  It was super simple and everything went smoothly.  The best part about tonight was that we didn’t have to clean up any plates.  We left that up to the front of the house.

The pretty little dessert that was served


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