September 19th- Blueberry Muffins and Eclairs

Would choux like to hear about my eclairs today?  I’m sorry for the pun, but not enough to delete it.

Today we made eclairs which comes from a dough called pate choux.  The most crucial step when making this is to know when though dough needs more eggs, or if it has had enough.  Most people added all of their eggs, plus water.  I decided to not add all of my eggs because my dough had reached a point where it was both shiny and relaxed.  I think this is why my dough was more successful than others.  I still had some flat eclairs, however, and I think it has to do with incorrect baking.  I’m not 100% sure where I went wrong but I plan on making some at home (get excited for some delicious eclair recipes, people!) to perfect the technique.  I found this AWESOME troubleshooting blog post at .  Check it out it is super insightful!

Next we remade our blueberry muffins.  This time we used a new recipe that worked out so much better than our last one.  This time I made sure my butter was 100% melted and I didn’t over mix.  For my blueberries I measured them first thing, coated them in flour, and put them back in the freezer while I mixed the recipe.  Right before I started scooping it into a muffin tin I brought the blueberries out and coated them in flour again.  As you can see below, my streaking was minimal.    The only big issue I had was that I had a bunch of different muffin sizes because I was being a little too gentle with my muffin scoop, and didn’t press it against the side of the bowl.  So next time I’ll need to make sure I’m filling the scoop evenly every time.


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