September 14- My first complete dish!

Today validated every reason I came to culinary school.  I got to prepare my first complete dish (chicken and rice pilaf)!  I seriously learned so much and had a great time doing it.

Part of my mise en place included fabricating a chicken.  This is the first time I felt good about the end result!

We started with a supreme sauce, which comes from veloute.  A veloute one of the five mother sauces, and it is made from chicken stock.  To make a supreme sauce you reduce the veloute and add cream and seasoning.  My sauce turned out well however, since it was done so early I had to continually stir it while it sat on a pilot light so a skin wouldn’t form.  Also, I didn’t season it enough.  I’m beginning to learn that if you taste your dish too soon after you season, it will seem strong because the seasoning hasn’t been totally absorbed.  I ran into that problem a lot tonight.

Next I made the pilaf.  This is similar to cooking rice in the traditional way, except you coat the rice in fat before adding liquid.  I tried cooking it in the oven, but it was taking too long so I finished it on the stove and it turned out great!  I was pleased with it.

With my sauce and my rice set aside I prepared my saute station with three saute pans.  One for julienned veggies, one for chicken breast, and one for spinach.  I started with the chicken, but I should have started with the veggies because they took longer to cook.  I was worried about my chicken being under cooked, but by the time I presented my plate it was fine.  IMG_1282

After sauteing I assembled my plate.  It wasn’t as clean as I had hoped, but for my first time plating a dish I was proud of myself.  My professor’s only comments were that it was under-seasoned and my veggies were still a little raw.  Next time I’m going to be more careful about the order I cook. and I’m going to wait to taste the dish until the seasoning has had time to absorb.

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