September 11

Today we transitioned from yeast breads to quick breads.  We were given recipes for a date-nut bread, blueberry muffins, coffee cake, and scones.  I started with the date-nut bread because it took 50 minutes to bake.  I was careful not to over mix it because I wanted to avoid any tunneling, and I got it into the oven asap so that the baking soda didn’t react too much out of the heat.  As you can see the minimal mixing lead to a tight crumb with no holes (tunneling).  I was very pleased with how it turned out.IMG_1259.JPG

Next I made scones, which use the biscuit mixing method (cutting cold butter into flour) in order to get a flaky crumb.  I think I put too much liquid into my dough because it wasn’t as flaky as I wanted.  Also, I cut them WAY too big so they came out of the oven looking like Godzilla scones.  On the plus side they had a good color and tasted okay.IMG_1253

Blueberry muffins.  This was my greatest failure of the day.  As you can see my muffins have huge holes in them.  This isn’t actually tunneling for over mixed batter.  It is the aftermath of butter that was only half melted.  Heed my words muffin enthusiasts: ALWAYS MELT YOUR BUTTER FULLY!  Not only did my butter leave holes in the muffins when it melted in the oven, but it made the bottom of my muffin wrappers super greasy.  Also, muffins shouldn’t be blue.  That is caused by your frozen blueberries melting in the batter.  Next time I’ll try using fresh to avoid that.  Overall?  Major fail, but luckily that’s what I’m in school for!IMG_1254.JPG

As for the coffee cake there isn’t much to say.  It was the same recipe as the muffins.  The reason it sunk in the middle is because the oven was opened too much during the baking process.  To avoid this, keep your oven closed!


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