September 7

Yesterday was tough and I was exhausted, determined not to go to school today.  Last minute, I gave into the guilt and thew on my chef clothes.  Today was different because we were doing a catering event for the people who donated money to give the UVU basketball players a new training gym.  After a bit of wandering I found the gym and was immediately put to work setting up tables.  After that was done I was assigned to be a server.  I went around to the guests offering up yummy samples while they played some welcome games.  When the games were over dinner was served (steak and mashed potatoes), with a dessert table set up soon after.  I learned that with catering you have to be way more professional that you would as, say, a cashier.  You also have to be QUICK and good at following directions.  Dinners move fast, and if you fall behind you can set the whole evening behind.

Pot sticker appetizers

Tonight was difficult for me because I get very nervous around large crowds.  This crowd was even harder because they were well to do, and I felt small around them.  I tried to keep a smile on my face and come off as friendly, but by the end of the night it became burdensome.  It is definitely something I need to keep working on.  This catering event was such an awesome learning experience!  I can’t wait to do more caterings!

Pulled pork mac and cheese appetizers

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